BeamNG Drive controls settings are not that easy to find in the game, specially if you are just used to pressing ESC and options in other games. Best place where you can check out the BeamNG Drive controls is actually in game. Just load up the track and press F1 and you’ll see all the controls you are going to need.

If you are playing the game with keyboard, then sometimes controls might be inaccurate. For instance, if you open up controls screen using F1 key, it shows that you can drive the vehicle with arrows. However, classic combination of WASD is assigned as default driving keys sometimes.

Main keys that you will need to drive the car:

Main Driving

W or up arrow-  Throttle
S or down arrow –  Brake/reverse
A or left arrow –  Turn Left
D or right arrow- Turn Right
Space – Handbrake

Useful Keys

C- Cameras
R- Respawn Vehicle
ctrl+E= Select vehicles
N- Headlights


Q- Toggle Shifter Mode (automatic, full manual, manual with auto clutch)
X- Shift Up
Z- Shift Down
Left Shift- Clutch

Slow Motion

alt+left arrow – slower slow motion
alt+right arrow – faster slow motion
alt+up arrow – realtime
Numpad arrows – Rotate camera angle

Click F1 for advanced settings.


It’s pretty straightforward with Xbox controllers.


That’s right, Beamng Drive full game is finally here.

A little bit about BeamNG Drive. (scroll down for download link)

Tired of wrecking cars in Flatout 2, rFactor or iRacing? Do you really enjoy wrecking cars but cant find a game with perfect damage physics?

Well check this game out. Using dynamic soft body physics BeamNG DRIVE will have your wrecking needs 100% satisfied. Check out BeamNG crash compilation gameplay below. The physics engine is truly stunning.
Apart from wrecking, the game stuns with different locations that provide visual overload.


Check out this easy tutorial how to install BeamNG Drive.


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Download now:

Full Game:

Link #1: SendSpace

Serial Keys:




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Get your Alpha test access and experience all this on your own:

– 5 vehicles to wreck and customize
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– Tons of modded content that you can easily install for free, from motorcycles to Titan plane, wreck whatever the hell you want!

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